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Holiness (4 April 4 2020)

The  Body of Christ cannot afford to be lizard a chameleon. If a chameleon climbs a brown tree , he turns brown; if he climbs a green tree, he turns green; If he climbs something yellow, he turns yellow, if he climbs something red, he turns red.

        The Church cannot be a chameleon. It has to been different. It has to take a stand and let others see there's something different. God forbid that we come down to any standard below that what God has given.

                                                To some people, holiness is no more that a good culture, sophistication, and taking a  bath everyday. It is now being preached that man is basically good. Bible concepts of moral depravity, selfish blindness and spiritual nakedness are being replaced with more  fashionable psychological notions of fear frustration and anxiety. That may help the mind and emotion, but on the authority of God's Word, that does not heal man's soul and spirit. It prepares not soul from hell and the lake of fire.The most perverse form of evil does not appear in periods of corrupt indulgence,drunkenness, but in smug and pious smiles of selfrighteousness. The hellish motive of sin often become outwardly more decent and upright. Counterfeit faith produces nothing but tomb.

We cannot  compromise with sin in any form and remain in favor with God. God is looking for an army of men and women that are out of sin business entirely and living holy lives. These are the only ones He can depend upon to lift up the standard for the people. Are you one in this army and  do you know others? Then encourage yourselves in the service and put more fuel on the fire and become a flame in spreading the true holiness and holy living of the Bride of Christ.

Short Changing The Word of God! (16 Sept 2019)

  Bible believing believers, it not just some fancy phrase. It must be the guiding principle in our lives. It must be not only be stated, it must be practiced.

First to be a Bible-believing person you must speak when and where the Bible speaks. In other words, no subject that the bible addresses should be omitted or shortchanged (Ouch!) A true Bible believer will speak or say exactly what is written,Secondly, A true Bible believer will also only speak in the same manner or attitude of the bible. Where the bible speaks love, The Bible believer will also speak love. When the Bible says Holy Ghost, the believer will speak Holy Ghost (not Holy Spirit as most do). It must be proclaimed as it is written. In any manner or attitude other than the Bible proclaims it, if they do they have done an injustice to the Word of God. The true believer not only declares what the Bible says, but how the Bible says it well.

Finally the third and just important principal of being a fervent Bible believer is when the Bible is silent on a subject the believer must be silent. This does not mean that you cannot address a subjects that the Bible does not address but it does mean you must be careful that you say something that in fact, it does not. The bible believer not only speak when the Bible speaks, but he is also silent when the BIble is silent

Get All Excited (29 Aug 2019)

Nothing excites the heart of a Christian more than the though of the glorious appearing of Jesus when He returns for his children. It is difficult for us to imagine fully all the events of that day. The dead in Christ will be bursting from their graves in their new bodies; living saints will be changing from mere mortals to being immorality-O what glory!

But the greatest thrill of all will be to lift our eyes heavenward and behold Jesus making His descend to meet us. What joy, what exhilaration. we will feel as we begin our ascent to meet Him in the air. O what greater hope could anyone have than that which His return hold for the saints of God

And we are now actively preparing for this great day. There is so much to be done and we feel the pressure of the short time we have left to finish preparations. It is surely time for each of us to catch the spirit of looking for and hasting unto His coming.

And this hope fires us with a determination to rid ourselves of all dross which might in any manner reflect upon his holiness. It is only for us to discipline ourselves through faith in the power of Christ's blood. By one fact of faith we can plunge at once into the fountain which was opened at Calvary for sin and uncleanness, and become immediately holy. But it is necessary that we keep ourselves continually within the influence of that sanctifying stream to retain the purity of the Son of God

Hey You Late Comers! What's the Matter? July 3 2019)

Matt 25: 10 "But while you were on your way to buy oil, the bridegroom arrived, the virgins were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut."

I was once invited to speak to an opening air meeting in California. I like keeping time and this particular day I made sure everything was in order for the meeting. I travel to the place in plenty of time only yo find not a single brother or sister. The crusade palace was empty. I went into the open Church and found nobody inside. I the realize that things were not oak ant thought the rapture had taken place and that I had been left behind! But why, The I saw the Pastor walk in. I heaved a sigh of relief, for I knew that he was not left behind. The problems was. The hosts who had not shown for the meeting, they were late an in no hurry at all.

Christians should be good stewards of the time that the Lord has given us. There are those who never handle time with wisdom. It is not in order for a speaker to stand in the pulpit and preach for 4 hours, a sermon that could be delivered effectively in fifteen to thirty minutes. It is a pity to fins men and women snoring in sleep as others yawn in turns, as if it was a yawning contest, during a sermon in the church. There are others who preach in the pulpit until late at night. This doesn't have positive impression especially tot those women who has is not saved. I any case, the ,members must be told in advance so than make prior arrangements of theirs husband's meal in time

I once had a teacher in college who seemed absent minded always. I never understood why I had the story of how he missed a chance of his lifetime and career.He had been awarded a scholarship to study overseas He looked forward to the day and when the day arrived, it was celebrations. The celebration went into extra time and when he arrived at the airport, he was late an the plane had already departed. There was no other alternative and he missed his golden opportunity. Since then his mind was never the same. I do not understand why people keep their time in issues when money is concerned; believe me when a person is asked to receive a check at a certain time, the will be there in plenty of time.

There is always a cost in not being on time. Many have been fired, marriages are destroyed. It sad that Christian never bother keeping time. I have even seen pastor's and minsters reporting to meetings when they new they were going to be late and others lost hope of their arrival. Members 20 minute last for Sunday School, (even teachers) Some so late that they will be there after Sunday School and god is not please with them.

The ten virgins had and opportunity but five were foolish ones and locked out. The Lord further advise in Matt 25:13 to keep watch for we do not know the day or hour He is coming. How should we do it? By praying and fasting always as we are living in an evil world in which the devil is raving for unrepentant souls so that he can devour them

Christians ought to be connected to the Lord in prayer so that when he comes for the Bride (Church) you may not be left behind after all these years of serving God. Keep looking at your spiritual watches and discern the times that we are in for a minute late can cost you your life in salvation. Let us put our spiritual alarms on so that they can be able to wake us up and keep our attentive in His duties.Now you late comers, shape or ship out