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Who We Are!

 This page contains information about who the Church of God is in a brief summary. For detailed information contact us or our State or International Headquarters. Also see our "Important Bible Truths" page for a list of some our prominent teachings, but they do not include all, for we accept the whole word of God.

You will also find web and e-mail addresses for our state and international headquarters, and our various operational "helps" and "auxiliaries" that are used to help operate our churches. Also you will find our local service times. If you are visiting one of our other local churches call for service times and directions (look on "The Church Around World", for those listings)

About Us: The Church of God is a last church, believing and teaching the King James Version of the Bible as the literal Word of God. We are a "Theocracy", meaning, God Rules. Everything that is instituted in The Church of God must first have the approval of the Holy Ghost then our General Assembly. We do not accept nor believe in man made creeds. We believe that prayer and fasting, and searching for Gods will in ALL matters helps us in our commission that Christ gave...."Go Ye into all the world!

Our International Headquarters are located in Cleveland, Tennessee with Bishop Oscar Pimentel as our General Overseer. Here in Alabama our State Headquarters are located in Bessemer, Alabama, with Bishop Jerry Cox as our State Overseer. We have churches throughout many areas of the United States and the world. Our mission is to reach souls for Christ and to bring them into the knowledge of The Bride of Christ. You will find that each and every one of our churches, belonging to The Church of God, Oscar Pimentel, General Overseer, practice and believe exactly alike. Our international web page is or email them at [email protected]. Our Alabama web page is or e-mail us at [email protected] We also have 'helps" in the church we call Auxiliaries These Auxiliaries/Helps preform vital aids and tasks in our mission to reach the world with the last days message. Listed below are some of those Helps. If you press the Dove icon it will direct you to our International web-site and it let you see some of what each of these Auxiliaries or Helps do.








Push the Dove Icon to visit our International Web site:


To find our church, we are in Sumiton, Alabama, just 1 mile off of U.S. Hwy 78, between Birmingham and Jasper. Coming from Birmingham follow U.S. 78 West to Sumiton. Turn left onto Bryan Road at the red light between Walmart and Walgreens and go 1 mile. From Jasper, go U. S. 78 East to Sumiton, turn right at Walgreens and go 1 mile. The Church will be on your left.


Local services at The Church of God Canaan:

Sunday School: 10:00 A.M. Sunday School

Sunday Worship 11:15 A.M.

Sunday Evening: 5:00 P.M. Evening Worship

1st Wednesday: 7:00 P.M.: VLB's (youth services, ages: 12-35) also Gleaner services. (ages 3-11).

2nd Wednesday: 7:00 P.M. : WMB (Womens Missionary Band). Learn what our missionaries are doing and how you can help.

3rd Wednesday: 7:00 P.M.: CPMA (Church of Prophecy Marker Association). Learn how we are markers for Christ and how we are marking various historical sites with memorial markers.

4th Wednesday: 7:00 P.M.: BTI (Bible Training Institute) A study in the Word of God.

5th Wednesday: 7:00 P.M. (when necessary) Prayer Meeting.

Local Events:

Each 1st Sunday is Pastor appreciation Day. Bring your pound of groceries, cleaning supplies, etc. for our Pastor. Remember this is also the only Sunday we take up a Love offering for him and his wife.